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Operation Grim Sky is set to strike the PC

  • Maverick loadout is fit for many, encouraging both coordinated teams and single players. Angles and Cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits time will help him shine in squads, while these may still create angles that are unpredictable on the objective website. Thermite and Hibana will stay relevant, with breaching capabilities that are bigger and much quicker. Ultimately, his existence should alter how attackers approach the objective, but won't change existing Operator roles.

    By default, Maverick has the AR15.50 marksman rifle, which when paired with an ACOG sight, is ideal for landing hard-hitting shots via his blowtorch holes. Instead, his M4 put rounds with the tradeoff of lesser damage per injection.

    There are tactics to conquer his skills, When there are no counters for Maverick. Employing the short-range blowtorch requires Maverick to stand from the surface, leaving him exposed to foes positioned on the side. It is a risky manoeuvre no matter the situation, differentiating your position.

    Bottom line: Maverick defines a new function one of the roster that is hard-breaching, perfect for any type of player. Drop into the remarks section with your opinion and which Operator you plan to attempt first.

    In the meantime, Operation Grim Sky is set to strike the PC Technical Test Server on August 20. For additional information about map reworks the new Operators, and other gameplay changes, have a look at our complete breakdown below.Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is to receive its next major expansion, together with the launch of Operation Grim Sky. Following June's Operation Para Bellum, the period of this year brings an all-new map rework two Operators, and changes that are welcome.

    After its show at the R6 Items Major Paris, we have a firm breakdown of what's planned for the next update. This is everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Grim Sky, set to launch later this summer.


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