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Old School Runescape counterpart

  • Runescape's tone is joyously light, and with fewer level cap hurdles to leap over you are free to embrace and explore it without submitting to the mill. Which is great, buy RuneScape gold since Runescape's quests haven't actually required you to use skills other than combat, and have usually comprised puzzles or interactive elements which have more in common with old school point-and-click adventure games than dream questing.

    Areas that used to be vacant are now brimming with NPCs, quests and stories. Every inch of the planet was full of, or sometimes expanded, in order to incorporate all of the characters, enemies and attributes that Jagex have been busy stuffing into the game for the past decade. The fact that Runescape is an internet game is currently a bonus rather than its primary draw. Jagex could take their game completely offline and it might still be worth playing.

    But that is the biggest gap between Runescape and its still running Old School Runescape counterpart. Both share roughly the same amount of concurrent players, but how players interact in each one is quite different.

    Old School Runescape may only have about 25,000 players at any given moment - hardly a scratch on the numbers it used to achieve in 2006 - but its players've understood the game for ages. They have decade-old friendships , they know the best way to hang out, how to interact and almost every talking point RS gold the game and its particular history has ever produced. They wander beyond each other without commenting, don't all converge in the same areas for no motive or attend pretend parties in vacant attics... they just get on with playing the game.


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