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A look back at the last five years

  • Kemp must laugh. "There has been no stopping in five years!"

    Throughout the last variant of RuneFest at the start of September this past year, the debut for a mobile version of Old School RuneScape was scheduled for December. It's now the end of February and RuneScape Mobile is still not accessible most trusted site to buy osrs gold. What's going on?

    "Where we've been operating with RuneScape for many years with the same tech and thus understand how the fork is functioning, which makes the game for a mobile phone is more than 1-to-1 transfer" "Where at the normal client we Should you can see a issue and can come up with a solution, it's always a matter of what goes wrong with the mobile edition. And sometimes that sets you back several steps."

    Looking back at elderly brother RuneScape 3 isn't a fixed solution based on Kemp. Where possible, the teams of the two matches work together, but RuneScape is much more complex than the elderly Old School. "We do have the advantage that our version works on older cellular phones.

    Even though Old School RuneScape will not play on mobile phones during the five-year jubilee of OSRS, the birthday is well worth a celebration.

    A look back at the last five years at a distinctive museum. Kemp:"All new content that has been inserted in those five years was provided a place. From quests to gear and out of new training approaches to personalities.

    "Players will also be able to get a particular sword throughout the occasion. And not merely a sword, but from the logo of RuneScape! After all those years that piece of art will eventually come back in the game."

    Five years is quite a long time, but Old School RuneScape buy osrs gold mobile has lived years unscathed. Player numbers keep growing and RuneScape mobile must turn into the way to an even bigger audience. So up to ten years?


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