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The newest Sky Fortress stadium is also available

  • MapleStory two, the famed MMORPG available on Nexon Cheap MS2 Mesos Launcher and Steam, is ready to welcome a ton of novelties including the eagerly awaited Soul Binder class, a brand new Sky Fortress place, PvP mode and much more.The fresh Soul Binder class owns hybrid magical powers which can damage (or heal) the ancient magic scholars educated only from the deep recesses of this mysterious Halo Mountains. Since his powers are still demanding, players will be training to discharge their catastrophic inner potential.

    The newest Sky Fortress stadium is also available, a new level aboard a flying querra ship. Along with the new place, the Epic Quest has new missions assigned by the five allied factions, including the noble warriors of the Royal Guard, agents of the Dark Wind, and the sorcerers of the Lumiknights. Each faction has its own shop, dedicated items, particular skins, decorations and much more.In addition MapleStory 2 presents its PvP mode together with all the Maple Arena, a 1 vs 1 to the best of three games, with gamers that will show off their abilities and claim brand new gear.

    To fill the difficulties of the Maplestory 2 Mesos gamers to achieve the previously released Hard Chaos Raids, fresh Normal Chaos Raids have been released and the Hard Aventure Dungeons have been fixed to permit gamers to equip themselves into the ultimate challenge of their Chaos Raids! To celebrate this upgrade, MapleStory 2 will sponsor a Skybound Celebration; an event during the Maplers of degree 10 and above that will connect during the initial month will get 30 Elixir, 30 Master Poets and a Ticket to grow their level with boost for combating, performance and fishing expertise.


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