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  • Even better was the announcement, during  Maplestory M Mesos  The Sport awards, that Risky Reels will be changing into"The Block," a part of the game that will feature player-designed assets and surroundings from Creative manner.With the season 7 launching, Fortnite expanded the size of its map with the addition of an all-new, Arctic-themed section covering the southwest corner. The season also brought the first air vehicle -- a fighter airplane -- along with zip lines for speedier travel and much more dynamic combat.


    1 hiccup for Epic was the debut shortly following the Infinity Blade from the studio's cellular game trilogy of the same name. The sword temporarily seemed like a neat addition as the very first appropriate melee weapon, but it proved too strong. After announcing two ways to reduce its own viability, Epic ended up eliminating the Infinity Blade and declaring it would rethink its strategy for deploying"mythic" items in the future.


    To close the year out, Epic announced that it might make the cross-platform applications it developed to construct Fortnite available for all developers who use its Unreal Engine toolset. The movement was yet another aggressive push from Epic to truly compete with Valve and its own Steam shop. December also marked the moment once the brewing and controversial emote debate boiled over with two real suits, one from rapper two Milly and the other from Fresh Prince actor Alfonso Ribeiro.


    Both assert Epic took signature dances they created and turned them into in-game emotes the developer then financially benefited from, kicking off a intricate copyright debate which will not be settled for quite a while.Fortnite: Where to Locate Wooden Utility PolesOne of those challenges must be completed in stages, with fans having to destroy a specific number of wooden chairs, then wooden utility poles, and  buy mesos maple story m  finally wooden pallets.


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