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  • Another advantage is they have a small healing kit that  check my blog  they can fall for themselves or their allies, but it should only be obtained by the heavy gunner, since he's doing all of the work damage, he has to be safehe can that isn't reliable as the Priest's cure, but it is a good addition to this heavy gunner's kit.Please be careful when playing with the heavy gunners, their long cartoons and their slow movement speed make them exceptionally vulnerable when attacking, so ensure you know where you are if you activate the abilities and place yourself well, they're not consistent


    AS guard Forestry when it comes to maintaining your distance.Wizard is a course that utilizes the components of fire, ice and lightning. This course has many high damage that inflicts spells along with some AoE. The teleportation capacity is great, but the class lacks defense and health. Wizard is without a doubt the best class for beginners.The Wizard is a kind of offensive course, they have lots of tricks up their sleeve, fun to play since you can exchange your abilities and adapt to almost any situation where you end up trapped.


    Unleashing all skills that are chaining can  RS gold result in enormous damage, both are good at Bossing in addition to at mobbing. They have a elemental coverage that goes from fire to lightning and ice and you also have the ends. Wizards are intended to be mobsters who have AoE debuffs and strikes such as freezing and burning but they are soft.Assassin is a course which uses luck statistics the climbing of hits is a must.


    This course focuses on the kite of these enemies along with the very intelligent game (if it does, it can be among the highest DPS classes in the game). Assassin is presently the best PvP course in Maplestory 2.Medium-range assault damage on solo performance with a strong emphasis. They're powerful in front of a participant in the hands of a new player. Assassins have the highest DPS in the game.


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