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    To learn more on which tasks possess link abilities, visit  maplestory m buy mesos MapleStory Link Skill Guide.I recommend using 9 rank S personality cards (or 9 cards if possible) 3 decks -- every deck includes 3 cards. Basically, you need to create a deck of cards by mixing 3 personality cards to gain bonuses. Each mix yields bonuses like Max HP MP or additional harm. To learn more on the best card combination to increase damage, visit MapleStory Character Card System.


    I suggest getting at least 20 characters around Level 140 so you can earn at least 40 coins every day. The Maple Union coins can be used to buy EXP potions which help speed up leveling to Level 200. Additionally, each character in the Maple Union is going to have the ability to enhance your key stats and weapon/magic assault. Additionally, you may use it to enhance your base HP and MP for simpler leveling to get degree characters that are brand new.


    It's available for all classes but you need to complete a few quests to  Excellent service obtain this ability. You have to be Level 75. Begin the pursuit by clicking on the Light Bulb located on the left side of your display and then click the quest"Mysterious Discovery". NPC Teo will start briefing you about the quest and he'll ask you to fulfill another NPC Muirhat to conquer some critters, and later fulfill Kyrin (Pirate Instructor at Nautilus) and Athena Pierce (Bowman Instructor in Henesys) and finally talk to Empress Cygnus living at Ereve.


    Upon finishing the quest, you'll be exhibited some video footage of the alliance and you acquire this ability that's located under the Beginner Tab in your Skill Window.MapleStory has released a Potential System that enables your equipment to acquire prospective stats through crafting, scrolling using Possible Scroll and Cubing (uses NxCash for Premium Possible Cubes). But if you don't have NxCash to spend, you can find crafting (craft gear particularly armor and weapon ) to make potential gear.


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