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  • For an unnamed place, this might be the most consistently loot-dense regions in all of Fortnite. Paradise Palms pulls the majority of the try-hards, leaving this city vacant. Hit the edge first and check the second narrative of each house for chests and floor loot. Work your way through the town, keeping an ear out for footsteps, and you'll likely discover six or so chests by the time you need to rotate out of there.


    Based on the storm ring you get, rotating along the street  cheaper cutting through the desert area is a plan that is good. You'll have some nice views into Paradise Palms, and with all that loot from earlier, cleaning up the remaining players is generally a cinch. Look about for a golf or rift cart, In the event the storm circle is further away than you thought and get the hell out there.Dip directly onto this compound's southeast corner, marked with a tall chimney which has a chest on top.


    Listen for footsteps since it is an active spot. While the buildings normally have just one each, the containers and trucks out in the open between the buildings typically house a couple more chests.Season 4 added the area and a warehouse center. It makes for a landing spot to get any chests up but the music drowns out the noise of gamers, so be mindful. It's a little dim, so that they could be hiding everywhere.


    If not, make certain to get a dance in. You'll be all if you can come out on top. This is a spot to go in duos or squads if you would like to avoid the locations.You are pretty much guaranteed a fantastic spot on the map and a chest or 2 here, but I recommend this spot if you are playing. Aim as you're dropping take a peek, and for the tree that is large west. You find a weapon. Grab it, and head for the back. The shrub could spawn two  buy fortnite guns chests if you're lucky, and you are bound to be the only one there.


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