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  • Since it is an active place listen for footsteps. While the buildings normally have one each the trucks and containers out in the open between the buildings usually house a few more chests.Season 4 added a brand new warehouse center. It makes to acquire up any chests in the rafters, but the music drowns out the noise of gamers, so be careful. It is a bit dim, so that they might be hiding anywhere.


    Otherwise, be sure to get a fast dance in. If you can  Buy Fortnite Materials  come out on top, you'll be all set up for the long haul. This is a place to go in squads or duos if you want to avoid the locations.You are pretty much guaranteed a fantastic place on the map and a torso or two here, if you're playing solo but I would only recommend this spot. Aim for the tree that is massive, and while you're dropping take a peek west.


    You find a weapon. Grab it, and go for the trunk. The tree can spawn two chests if you're lucky, and you're certain to be the only one there.Now you've got a few options. If you go for Tomato Temple you'll arrive on a high ground overlooking the bulk of the buildings, which means you have got the advantage on any stragglers. You may head directly northeast. This one. Tucked in the northeast corner of the map is really a tower that can spawn three chests (and I swear I've seen four here in the past), and only to the west is a ice cream truck which may spawn a further two.


    Should you find a glow of yellow through the  fortnite weapons  timber the chest area is right on top of the tower, therefore land on the roof.But, there's sometimes one on the exposed west of the tower (you can see it in the picture below). Feel free to grab it so you have any loot Should you see it. This used to be a popular spot, but I seldom face any enemies here following the Season 3 update and into Season 4, unless the bus is passing directly overhead.


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